Are you planning to travel to Vietnam for a holiday or a business trip? Make sure to apply for a visa before you leave. The e-visa can be applied for completely online and within 10 minutes. This article explains the application procedure for the Vietnam e-visa.

Electronic visa for your trip to Vietnam

In 2018, Vietnam introduced the so-called electronic visa (e-visa). Since then, it is possible for travellers from, among others, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and any (other) country of the European Union to apply for the Vietnam visa online. This makes the application procedure easier, as a visit to the embassy is no longer necessary. The visa can easily be applied for through an online application form.

The Vietnam e-visa is valid for 90 days. The e-visa is therefore extremely suitable for most holidays or business trips to Vietnam. You can read more about this on the page about the validity of the visa. Before submitting your application, we advise you to check the requirements of the visa.

When should I apply for the visa?

You can apply for the visa as far in advance as you like. The average delivery time of the Vietnam visa is 13 days for a normal application and 5 days for an urgent application. Please note that these are average delivery times and not guaranteed maximum delivery times. Therefore, it is advisable to apply for your visa as early as possible, preferably several weeks before your departure.

In the application form, you can indicate the starting date of the visa yourself. This allows you to submit the application as far in advance as you wish. However, it is wise to only submit the application as soon as you have made definite travel plans, as you will need to fill in a starting date for the Vietnam visa in the application form.

Where can I find the application form?

The application procedure for the Vietnam e-visa takes place entirely online. You can fill in a digital application form on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Open the Vietnam visa application form

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Completing the application form


Before you start filling in the form, it is useful to collect some information and documents. Have a diary at hand in which your planned dates of arrival and departure are listed. Also write down your arrival and departure locations (name of the airport, port or border crossing) and the address of your first place of accommodation.

In addition, you are advised to have on hand the passports of each traveller for whom you are making the application. After completing the form, you must provide a passport scan and a passport photo for each traveller. You may also submit these documents at a later date, but your application cannot be processed until all documents have been submitted.
Open the Vietnam visa application form here

Contact and travel information

In the first part of the application form, you must fill in some contact and travel details. In the field "Travel data" you have to enter the starting date of the visa. This is an important field, because the validity of your visa starts on that date. You may not arrive in Vietnam before the visaʼs entry date. Are you arriving in Vietnam at a later date? Then you may enter the country, but please note that you must still leave the country on the date you filled in under ‘Last day in Vietnam‘. You must also provide an accommodation address and your arrival and departure locations. Has your accommodation address changed? That is not a problem. You do not have to inform anyone about these changes, and your visa remains valid for the trip.

Details of travellers

Next, the passport details of each traveller must be filled in. This is a very important part of the application form, so please make sure that all details are filled in 100% correctly. If there is an error in these details, your application may be rejected or your visa may be invalid. Go through all the questions carefully and copy the names as they appear in the machine-readable part at the bottom of your passport.

Check and pay your application

After submitting your application, you will be taken to the check and payment page. Please check again whether all details have been entered correctly. It is often not possible to make any changes after this step. The costs of the Vietnam visa can be paid safely and easily by means of credit card, PayPal, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Supplying documents

Once the payment has been made, you will reach the final step of the Vietnam visa application process. Now you will be asked to provide a scan or photo of the passport and a passport photo for each traveller in your application. Please ensure that the passport is fully visible, and all passport details are clearly legible. The passport photo does not have to be taken by a photographer; it may also be a selfie. However, it is important that the photo is sharp and that the background is clear. The facial expression should be neutral, and the person should look straight into the camera. After you have submitted the documents, they will be checked by the visa specialists at If there are any defects, you will be informed about this by email. In that case, please provide new documents as soon as possible, so your application can be processed quickly.

How do I get my Vietnam visa?

You will receive an e-mail confirmation once your application has been submitted, and a second one when your documents have been approved. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a third e-mail. All these emails contain a link to your personal status page. On that page, you can always check the progress of your visa application. If the visa has been approved, you can use this page to view, download and print the visa. You are required to print out the visa and carry it in your hand luggage. The visa must be presented upon arrival in Vietnam.
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