Are you going on a holiday to Vietnam? Apply for your Vietnam e-visa on time. Find out here the exact procedure to follow to organise a carefree trip to Vietnam. You can apply for your Vietnam e-visa months before departure, or a few days, whatever is most convenient.

The start of every trip to Vietnam

More and more people are discovering Vietnam. This beautiful country is well-suited for a wide variety of ways to enjoy it, discover it, or simply to relax. There is something for everyone; rest at one of the loveliest resorts on earth, or strap on your backpack and go on adventure. Whatever you do, Vietnam will not disappoint you. Make sure that you start your journey prepared. Aside from booking your flight and accommodations, it is very important that you possess a valid Vietnam visa before going on your trip.

Hao Long RiverHao Long River, Vietnam

The Vietnam e-visa

Since 2018, the possibility exists to apply for the Vietnam visa entirely online. Tourists who have been in the country before might think that this possibility existed longer, in the form of the visa on arrival. However, this travel permission is considered outdated. Your application would be forwarded through a domestic commercial travel bureau to a commercial Vietnamese bureau, after which the latter would pick up a letter at the immigration service and send it back to the country of the applicant. After all this, the traveller was still expected to purchase the actual visa on arrival at the airport. In other words: a lot of trouble and high costs.

What is a Vietnam e-visa?

What is the Vietnam e-visa?
The Vietnam e-visa is an abbreviation standing for “Vietnam electronic visa”. It is a digital authorisation from the government of Vietnam, which says that you are allowed to enter the country for a certain period. All travellers (tourists and business travellers) need to possess such an authorisation before arrival (electronic or otherwise). This also holds for (underage) children travelling along. It is not possible to arrange a visa once you arrive.

As mentioned earlier, starting recently a new way exists to meet the visa requirement, namely the Vietnam e-visa. The benefit of this is that everything can be arranged before departure. This is done by filling in the online application form and waiting until the e-visa is approved and sent to you by e-mail. Meaning, you receive the actual e-visa directly, and not an approval letter. This has the benefit of not having to wait in line once you arrive at Vietnam. You also save costs, as you do not need to pay a commercial intermediary, or pay for the stamp on arrival.

What does the Vietnam e-visa look like?

After approval by the immigration service, you receive a confirmation by e-mail. This confirmation is the official Vietnam e-visa, and you are required to carry this document during your trip. On the document you can find your name and other passport information, as well as the validity term.

Alternatives to the Vietnam e-visa

If you do not meet the Vietnam e-visa requirements, it is recommended to make an appointment at the embassy, to arrange for a different kind of travel authorisation there. This is mostly due to the extra travel time to the embassy and the extra costs a physical embassy visa brings. Using the old method (visa on arrival) is strongly discouraged by the embassy of Vietnam.

Apply for Vietnam visa

You can apply for your Vietnam e-visa on this website. This is done by pressing the green button below. You will then be forwarded to the information page, where you can find more information about the validity period and requirements for the e-visa. You can also open the application form on that page.
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