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The Australian government announced new measures for youths that are planning to travel and work in Australia. In recent years a working vacation to Australia has grown immensely popular.

To make sure that these youths can indeed travel and work in Australia, the government has eased up on the requirements for a working holiday visa. Furthermore, the option to apply for an eVisitor Australia visa always remains available. While this does not allow travellers to work in the country, you are still permitted to go on a business trip or perform volunteer work.

Work holiday in Australia immensely popular

Under British youths this type of holiday has grown immensely popular: travelling and working in Australia for one year. These so-called working vacations are steadily rising, but until recently it proved quite the hassle to apply for the visa in the right way. That is why the Australian Foreign Office announced they would ease up the visa process.

Furthermore, younger people now qualify for an extended working holiday visa more easily. Certain regions in Australia have a structural shortage of work forces. That is why Australia wants to invest in drawing in more foreign workers. In regions where this shortage is especially severe the work visa can be extended by as much as a year. It is even possible to work in an agricultural area for twelve months instead of the usual six months. In most cases a work visa is valid for a year.

Of course, it is still possible to apply for an eVisitor visa. This visa is specifically meant for tourist travel purpose. It is strictly forbidden to work on this cheaper eVisitor visa. That is why it is necessary to follow the correct procedures when applying for the right visa.

Working Holiday Maker visa can be extended even further

The so-called Working Holiday Maker visa can be extended even further, up to three years. The requirement applies that during the second year, the traveller has worked at least six months in an area where there is a severe shortage of workers.

Australia is particularly popular among British youths for a one year work holiday. They like to fill up their gap year in this manner. During a gap year, a student delays going to school for a year to get as much practical experience as possible. You can often find these youths working odd jobs like fruit picking; this gives them enough time and space to still experience plenty of what Australia has to offer.

Australia visa application

When applying for an Australia visa it is important to apply for the right visa. If you apply for the wrong visa, you will likely be denied entry to the country. In the worst case, you might even receive a 3 year ban. During this period you cannot apply for a visa, and thus are not allowed to travel to Australia.

A working holiday visa is a different visa type compared to the visas issued for tourist travellers. A working holiday visa has to be applied for at the Australian embassy, while a tourist visa can be easily applied for online through This concerns a so-called eVisitor visa. This visa is cheaper than an ETA Australia. Applying for an ETA Australia is generally not required, as British travellers qualify for an eVisitor visa Australia.

Australia visa requirements

British travellers headed to Australia have to apply for the mandatory visa. Tourists and business travellers qualify for an eVisitor visa Australia. When boarding and checking-in at the airport, you will already be asked for the visa. Failure to possess it will result in you being refused to board the plane. That is why it is important to apply for the Australia visa on time. The immigration service recommends applying for an eVisitor visa Australia several weeks before departure.

There are a number of requirements tied to the eVisitor visa. The passport must be valid for at least six more months, you cannot have tuberculosis, and you cannot study or attend a course in Australia for longer than 3 months. You also cannot have been convicted of a prison sentence of longer than 12 months. No services or goods may be sold in Australia, and you cannot have outstanding debts with the Australian government. Volunteer work is allowed. For paid work a Working Holiday visa is required. An Australia visa is valid for 12 months. You can stay in Australia for a maximum of 3 consecutive months.

Urgent Australia visa application

In urgent need of an eVisitor visa? Submit an urgent application. Generally, the visa is then issued within 3 days. This is the case in 90 percent of the cases. We recommend applying for the Australia visa on time.

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