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For travel to Australia, most travellers with the nationality of a country in Europe can apply for the eVisitor visa online. However, this doesn't apply if they have a different country of birth, in case that particular birthplace would make them ineligible for this. In many of such cases, it is still possible to apply for a different kind of visa for Australia.

Easily apply for your Australia visa online

Travellers arriving by air or arriving aboard a (cruise) ship docking in Australia, need a visa. The only exception to this visa requirement applies to Australian or New-Zealand passport holders, or those passengers holding an APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC). The eVisitor visa can be easily applied for online. It is sufficient for holiday or business travel for those with UK or Irish nationality, as well as virtually all other travellers with the nationality of another country in Europe. The visa requirement for Australia applies to travellers of all ages, including children.

Speedy visa delivery in most cases

After filling in the application form and making the payment, your visa application will be processed. From this point in time, on average, it will take australia_avg_delivery before you may receive your eVisitor visa. You can also choose to submit an urgent application. In this case, there is 95% chance that your application will be processed within 60 minutes.

It is very uncommon, but not unheard of, for the Australian immigration office to request additional documents after you have filed your application. On top of this, about 5% of all the applications are randomly selected for a thorough inspection. In those cases, however, there doesn’t tend to be any request for additional documentation to process the application. Such requests are only made in case something strikes the immigration office caseworkers as suspicious when it comes to the traveller’s application. In both cases, processing times most likely exceed the average delivery time for the eVisitor application.

Nationality requirements and country of birth conditions

Travellers who are eligible for an eVisitor visa based on the passport they hold, but who haven’t been born in this country, are sometimes still not eligible. For instance, this applies to travellers who have a passport issued by the UK or a country in the European Union, but who are from a country of birth specifically designated by Australia. This means that these travellers can no longer apply for this Australia visa. It will make no difference whether the applicant still holds the (dual) nationality of this birthplace or whether they still comply with all the (other) requirements for the eVisitor visa. Such travellers might still be eligible for a different kind of Australian visa, that can be applied for via the Australian immigration services website.

Eligible for the eVisitor application? Apply here

Are you eligible for the eVisitor visa Australia based on the nationality you have, but not based on the country of birth you are originally from? In this case, you cannot apply for the Australia visa through this website. Are you, however, eligible based on both your birthplace and the nationality you hold? If so, and if you also meet all the other requirements, you can easily apply for the eVisitor visa online via In doing so, in most cases, you will receive the visa fairly shortly following your application. is a commercial and professional visa agency, and supports travellers in obtaining, among others, the Australia visa. acts as an intermediary and is in no way part of any government. You can also apply for a visa directly with the immigration service (0 AUD per visa, via However, not with our level of support. If you submit your application via, our support centre is available to you 24/7. In addition, we manually check your application and all the documents you provide before submitting it to the immigration authorities on your behalf. If we suspect any errors or omissions while doing so, we will personally contact you to ensure that your application can still be processed quickly and correctly. To use our services, you pay us 0 AUD in consular fees, which we pay to the immigration service on your behalf, as well as £24.95 in service fees as compensation for our services, including VAT. Our services have saved many travellers from major problems during their trip. Should an application be rejected despite our support and verification, we will refund the full purchase price (unless an application for a previous Australia visa was rejected for the same traveller). Read more about our services here.