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A visa is required for a trip to Australia. Through only the eVisitor visa can be applied for, which can be used for one or multiple trips to the country. Do not submit an eVisitor application if you want to await the result of an ongoing application for another Australia visa.

eVisitor visa for Australia

You can easily apply for the eVisitor visa Australia online through This visa is suitable for multiple trips within the 1-year validity period. If you have British or Irish nationality or another nationality that makes you eligible for the eVisitor visa, you can apply for this visa as long as you also meet all other requirements. The visa can be used for various trips to Australia, each lasting up to 90 days. For example, you can use the visa for a holiday, a round trip throughout the country, or to visit family or friends. Business trips and (short) study stays in the country are also possible with the visa.

More information about applying for an eVisitor visa

Different visa types

If you are not eligible for the eVisitor Australia that can easily be applied for online, you have to apply for a different visa. On , you can therefore find information about several other visa types for Australia, for example, for a trip with a different travel purpose or a longer stay in the country, such as the Working Holiday visa. Through the website of the Australian immigration service, you can find out which visa is suitable for your travel purpose and the desired duration of your stay in the country. Do you have to or want to apply for a different visa other than the eVisitor visa? In that case, you can contact the Global Service Centre of the Australian immigration service should you have any questions about this.

What if I have already applied for a different visa?

Is the eVisitor visa not suitable for your travel purpose and as a result, you have applied for a different visa type? In that case, keep in mind that the application procedure for other Australian visas, such as a Working Holiday visa or a study permit, is often a lot more complicated and takes longer to be processed.

Some travellers therefore apply for the eVisitor visa in the hope of already travelling to Australia during the period they’re still waiting for the other visa to be granted. However, it is not possible to apply for the eVisitor visa to bridge this waiting period, as the eVisitor, when granted, always overwrites the previous application, which was already pending. Keep this in mind, partly because other visa types are generally relatively expensive. If the application of another visa type is overwritten by an eVisitor, you will also lose the application costs of the other visa.

Is the eVisitor still sufficient for your trip?

The eVisitor has a significantly shorter delivery time than other Australian visas. If you have applied for another Australia visa but have since changed your mind because your travel purpose has changed and the eVisitor visa therefore suffices, you can still choose to apply for an eVisitor visa. In that case, an average delivery time of 5 days applies, and your previous application for the other visa will be overwritten with your consent. However, keep in mind that the payment you made for your other application will not be refunded to you.

Did you make an error in the application form?

If you have submitted an application for the eVisitor visa, but it was rejected because you made an error when completing the online application form, you can only correct these mistakes by applying for a new eVisitor visa. The average delivery time for a standard application is 5 days , and if you submit an urgent application, you often receive the visa within 60 minutes. If you made an error, in many cases, it is still possible to receive a visa on time. However, keep in mind that you should submit the new application carefully. In addition, take into account that it is not possible to guarantee delivery times.

When do I submit a new application?

If you made an error in the application form when filling in your name or passport details, for example, applying for a new eVisitor visa is required. Submitting a new application is also required if you use a different passport for your trip than the one you used when completing the application form. Furthermore, keep in mind that the eVisitor visa is only valid and remains valid if you meet all the visa requirements. If, for example, you cannot answer one of the background questions with “No”, your eVisitor visa is no longer valid, and you cannot apply for a new eVisitor visa. In that case, you have to apply for a different visa type.

If you are still waiting for a different visa to be granted, do not submit an application for the eVisitor visa to Australia unless you want this previous visa application to be overwritten.

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