News report | | 25/04/2024 | ±3 minutes reading time

In a deadly stabbing incident in a shopping centre in Sydney, the Frenchman Damien Guerot played a heroic role by stopping the attacker on an escalator. Australian Prime Minister Albanese has now pledged to extend Guerot's work visa. His visa was actually due to expire in a month.

Deadly stabbing in Sydney

In a knife attack at the Bondi Junction shopping centre in the Australian city of Sydney on April 13, 2024, six people were killed and at least seven people were injured. The perpetrator, Joel Cauchi, wielded a knife against several visitors of the shopping centre until he was shot by a policewoman who was near the shopping centre at the time of the stabbing incident. The policewoman received assistance from a French bystander who confronted the perpetrator. This Frenchman was subsequently rewarded with a permanent visa for Australia.

The perpetrator, Joel Cauchi, a 40-year-old Australian man, acted alone and was already known to the police. Although the motive of the perpetrator is still unclear, according to the police commissioner of New South Wales, it is not believed to be an act of terrorism but rather an individual act by a man with a mental condition. It appears that the man primarily targeted women, as five out of the six victims were women. It is still under investigation whether he knew the victims personally or chose them randomly.

Frenchman Damien Guerot played a heroic role

The assailant was impeded in his actions by a French bystander, who stopped him on an escalator in the shopping centre. On camera footage, Guerot can be seen blocking the escalator with a pole, forcing the assailant to retreat downstairs. This bought time until the police arrived. Guerot, accompanied by a friend, pursued the assailant, who was subsequently shot by the Australian policewoman. Guerot and his friend likely prevented the assailant from causing more victims through their actions.

Praise from the Australian population and the Prime Minister

The Frenchman received much praise for his brave actions and was personally thanked by the Australian Prime Minister for his extraordinary courage. The video footage of his heroic deed circulated widely on the internet, and an online petition was even started to grant him Australian citizenship. Prime Minister Albanese responded to this by pledging to extend the Frenchman's visa. In a press conference, Albanese stated that Guerot can stay in Australia for as long as he wishes.

Visa Australia extended

Guerot is currently staying in Australia on a temporary work visa. Originally, this visa was set to expire a month after the tragic events at the shopping centre, after which he would have been required to leave the country. However, the Australian Prime Minister offered the Frenchman to stay in Australia for as long as he wishes in exchange for his courageous actions. According to his lawyer, Guerot has been offered permanent residency, allowing him to live and work in Australia indefinitely.

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