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Tasmania is an island located approximately 240 kilometres south of mainland Australia. To visit Tasmania, you must have an Australia visa. The island is overlooked by many tourists, although it has a lot to offer with its unspoilt nature. Abel Tasman was the first European to see the island with his own eyes in 1642.

Undiscovered pearl of Australia

Although Tasmania is only an hour and a half flight from Melbourne, relatively few travellers visit the island. And yet Tasmania, with its varied landscapes, is very different from mainland Australia. While mainland Australia is characterised by white beaches, rock formations and the vast Outback, Tasmania has rugged nature with forests and mountainous landscapes. Tasmania is also the only place where the Tasmanian devil can be spotted, a carnivorous marsupial that many will recognise as Taz from the Looney Tunes cartoons.

Tasmanian devilTasmanian devil

Highlights and sights

The two largest cities on the island are Hobart - the capital of Tasmania - and Launceston. Most travellers start their tour in one of these cities, which is also home to the largest airports on the island. Hobart is a small port town on Tasmaniaʼs south-east coast. In Hobart, you will find the Salamanca Market, a street market with a wide range of regional products. The museum MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) is also worth a visit. Launceston, Tasmaniaʼs second largest city, is one of the oldest cities in Australia and is known for its Victorian architecture.

However, most tourists do not go to Tasmania for the cities, but for the islandʼs breathtaking landscapes. An absolute must is Freycinet National Park, a nature reserve with pearly white beaches, lagoons and coves. The parkʼs most famous bay is Wineglass Bay, a bay in the shape of a wine glass, where beautiful walks can be made. Just north of Freycinet National Park is the Bay of Fires, a bay surrounded by white beaches and orange rocks. If you are looking for a bit more physical activity you can visit Cradle Mountain, a nature reserve with an impressive mountain, where you can make simple day trips as well as more strenuous walks.

Another highlight is Bruny Island, a peninsula in south-eastern Tasmania. The peninsula consists of a North and a South Island connected by a narrow strip of land - also known as the neck. Be amazed by the immense cliffs and the lighthouse on the South Island.

Australia visa also valid for Tasmania

The visa for Australia can also be used for a trip to Tasmania. Tasmania does not require a special visa, the electronic Australia visa suffices. Travellers who meet the requirements of the e-visa Australia can easily submit their application online. Almost all tourists and business travellers are eligible to apply for the online visa. Only travellers who want to stay in Australia for more than 3 consecutive months, who want to join an organisation in Australia and travellers who may pose a security risk to the Australian population cannot use the eVisitor visa.

The e-visa is valid for 12 months and can be used for multiple stays of up to 3 months at a time. After the visa has been granted, travellers can therefore travel to Australia several times in one year, as long as each individual stay does not exceed 3 months. An important requirement is that the passport with which the visa was applied for must still be valid. Travellers can use their visa to travel from mainland Australia to Tasmania and back as often as they like. There is therefore no reason to skip a visit to the island.

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