News report | | 26/11/2021 | ±3 minutes reading time

Cambodia is a beautiful country that can be visited all year round. However, it is wise to find out in advance which month is most suitable for your travel plans. This way, you can also arrange your Cambodia visa and other paperwork on time.

Always warm

If you are looking for warmth, Cambodia is the place to be. Cambodia is warm all year round. Temperatures usually vary between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. The warmest period is between March and June, with temperatures above 30 degrees. The ‘coolestʼ period is between November and February, but even then it is pleasantly warm.

The wet season

The climate in Cambodia is determined by two monsoons: the north-east monsoon and the south-west monsoon. The south-west monsoon winds plague the island between May and October. During these months, there is heavy rainfall, sometimes as much as twenty days in a month. The rain showers are typically short but powerful; within an hour there is a lot of rain, but then it is dry again for a while. Due to the high humidity, it can also feel muggy during these months in Cambodia

Some travellers choose to visit Cambodia during the rainy months. There are relatively few tourists in Cambodia then, which means that it is less crowded at popular attractions, such as the temples of Angkor Wat. If you decide to travel to Cambodia during the rainy months, it is best to do so between June and September. You will avoid the high temperatures between March and June, and around June there is a bit less rain. From the end of September onwards, rainfall increases and some roads in Cambodia may become impassable.

The cool season

The ‘coolʼ period in Cambodia is between November and February. This is due to the north-east monsoon. The lighter and drier winds of the north-east monsoon bring less rain and lower humidity. During this period, the number of tourists travelling to Cambodia is at its highest. Temperatures are pleasantly warm and there is less need to worry about sudden downpours. Many travellers choose to escape the winter months in their home country and relax on one of the many resorts and beaches that Cambodia has to offer. However, the climate during this period is also perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities.

The downside is that it is a lot busier in Cambodia during these months. Hotel and resort prices can rise sharply, and accommodation sometimes has to be booked months in advance.

The least suitable period to travel to Cambodia

If sunshine and heat are enough for you, there is never really a bad time to travel to Cambodia. However, it is recommended to avoid the period between March and June. Although the wet and cool seasons in Cambodia each have their advantages, between March and June, you will face the disadvantages of both seasons. It is very hot then and downpours are not uncommon. It can also still be busy with leftover tourists from the popular cooler months.

Applying for a Cambodia visa

Once you know when you will be travelling to Cambodia, you can apply for a Cambodia visa. You can apply whenever you like. On average, the visa is approved within a week. However, you can also apply for the visa months in advance. Your application will be put on hold. 30 days before your arrival date, the application will be processed automatically. This way you can arrange your visa early, and you do not have to worry about it any more.

The Cambodia visa is applied for online and is valid for 90 days from the date of granting. During this validity period, you may stay in Cambodia for a maximum of 30 consecutive days.