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Vietnam has opened a new airport. It concerns the airport on the island Van Don, near Halong Bay. The airport was opened on 30 December 2018. The arrival of the airport should make it possible for more travellers to travel to Vietnam. The airport lies on a four hour drive from the capital Hanoi.

Travellers that want to fly to the new airport need a Vietnam visa. Vietnam does have exceptions in place for certain travellers. Always make sure to check before departure whether your trip and travel purpose fall under these exceptions.

Innovations Vietnam tourism

Vietnam has pushed through several innovations to bring more tourists to the country. For instance, there is the new airport that was opened on 30 December 2018 on the island Van Don. Other innovations include making exceptions to the visa requirements for travellers from several countries. Tourists with the British nationality can stay in Vietnam for up to 15 days without needing a visa. Any trips lasting longer than that still require a Vietnam visa, however.

Once at the airport, travellers can go from the airport to the harbor within an hour, due to the new highway on the island. Before, this trip could easily take three to four hours. If you are travelling by car or ferry, you can arrive in the capital Hanoi within four hours.

Vietnam aimed to welcome 17 million tourists last year. The final number was 15,5 million visitors. This mean an increase of 19,9 percent. To make the goal of 18 million tourists for 2019, the southeast asian has pushed through various measures. It is expected that the new airport will welcome two million passengers each year. In 2030, this number should become five million.

Vietnam visa still required!

Travellers from a select few countries, including the UK, can stay in Vietnam for fifteen days without a visa. However, for any trips lasting longer than that, a Vietnam visa is still required. This visa is mandatory for all travellers. Even children need to possess their own passport and visa. A Vietnam visa application costs £54.95 per person. This concerns an electronic visa which is sent by e-mail.

The Vietnamese government advises against continued use of the visa on arrival. The visa on arrival is applied for on arrival at the airport in Vietnam. An expensive stamping fee is charged on top of that. The online visa which offers already has all of the costs included in the total price. What’s more, you won’t need to wait in line at the airport. The electronic visa is cheaper, easier to apply for and saves time at the airport.

Requirements Vietnam visa application

Applying for a Vietnam visa comes with a number of requirements. The exact dates of arrival and departure don’t need to be known yet. Similarly, you don’t need to have booked a flight ticket yet. The Vietnam visa allows you to enter and leave the country once. You can stay in the country for maximum of 30 days.

However, to apply for Vietnam visa, accommodations need to have been arranged. Furthermore, the visa needs to already be in your possession before leaving for Vietnam. The passport must be valid until at least 30 days after the end-date of the visa. People with a mental or contagious illnesses are excluded. You also cannot have been deported from Vietnam in the past three years. You can also only arrive on a select few airports, seaports and border posts.

Applying for a Vietnam visa can be done 24 hours day, seven days a week. You don’t need to go to the Vietnamese embassy for that. It is recommended to apply for the Vietnam visa as early as possible. An urgent procedure is also possible. The visa is then approved within two to three workdays. An added fee of £17.50 per person is charged. No guarantees can be provided, however. That’s why you should always apply for a visa well on time.

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